Приватный чит Hyper для игры Rust

Купить чит через продавца:

Telegram: t.me/soa_shop

Skype: soa.shop

Discord: SoA#8609


Купить чит онлайн - Купить



1 День - 500р

7 Дней - 2000р

30 Дней - 4000р


Поддерживаемые ОС:

Windows 10/11


Видео обзор: https://soa-cheats.ru/video/hyperrust.mp4




Функции чита:

Спойлер: AIMBOT

- Enable toggle
- pSilent
- Smoothing
- FOV limit
- Prediction
- Magic bullets
- Magic bullet auto-shoot
- Magic bullet rapid-fire
- Magic bullet for helicopter
- Customizable amount of magic bullet scanning points (performance)
- Visible check
- Target locking (avoid snapping to other target)
- Target list (Players, Friends, NPCs, Heli)
- Hitbox
- No spread
- No sway
- Faster bullets
- Horizontal & Vertical recoil sliders
- Disable attack restrictions (shoot while jumping)
- Instant Eoka
- Instant compound bow
- Bullet thickness
- Ignore damage for teammates
- Hit override
- Hit override for helicopter

Спойлер: ESP
- Player ESP
Type: Players, Sleepers, NPC
Flags (safe zone, wounded)
Active item
Draggable hotbar
Visible chams
Player-highlight/target colors
- Ore ESP
Stone, Sulfur, Metal ores
- Collectible ESP
Wood, Stone, Sulfur, Metal, Mushroom, Pumpkin, Corn, Potato, Hemp
- Radtown ESP
Barrels, Crates, Toolboxes, Foodboxes, Other (vehicle parts..)
- Animal ESP
Bear, Boar, Wolf, Stag
- Stash ESP
Hidden & Open stashes, Filter open stashes
- Vehicle ESP
Minicopter, scrap helicopter
Boats, RHIBs
Horses, baloons
Patrol helicopter, Bradley
- Trap ESP
Filter disabled traps
Auto turrets (friendly + enemy color)
Hide authorized auto turrets
SAM sites
Shotgun traps
Flame turrets
Land mines
Bear traps
- Item ESP
Items, player backpack, corpse(+ player name)
- Sleeping bag ESP
- Tool cupboard ESP
Show only decaying
Authorized player list & FOV limit
- Raid ESP
C4, Satchel, Rocket, Inc. Rocket, Exp. Ammo, Exp. grenade, raid start, last explosion, timeout
- Watermark & prediction point

Спойлер: MISC
- Movement
Infinite jump
Ignore tree collision
Omni-sprint (sprint in all directions)
Silent walk
No collide
Anti-flyhack kick
Giraffe (view offset/fakeduck)
- Player
Admin flag (allows you to use client-side admin commands)
Equip items while mounted
No fall damage
Instant revive
Instant med
Tick interval (allows you to modify packet amount sent in second)
Whitelist player
- Other
Instant loot
Weapon spam
Silent melee
Silent farm (trees & ores)
Hemp seed spam (saved position, nearest player, camera)
Auto collect
Bright cave
Bright night (brightness customizable)
Interactive debug
Automatic floor-stack
Rotation offset for building
Zoom hack
FOV changer
Hide attire overlays

- Full player list from all players retrieved on server
- Gathers information from met players, sleeping bags, tool cupboards
- Shows name, steamid, adding into friendlist, highlighting on ESP, priority for AIM
- Shows last known position for Player, TC, BAG

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